Professional Development Coaching

Enhance your work life and achieve your goals.

Our unique approach helps you identify your passion and purpose, your talents, strengths and weaknesses, clarify your goals, and constructively address your obstacles. We’ll help you identify limiting beliefs and implement action plans to realize your goals and aspirations.


You’ll learn to make more successful decisions by distinguishing between your ineffective habitual choices and effective choices. This decision-making approach is particularly crucial during times of transition, for example, when making significant career changes, expanding your business or considering a new strategy.

With over thirty-five years in the field, we’re highly experienced in professional development coaching. During inter-active coaching sessions, we help you think about your situation differently, to generate fresh perspectives and creative solutions. We offer you compassionate objective feedback. Our practical and proven approach enables you to resolve the core issues so you can sustain long term change.

Who we coach:

We coach people who are committed to growing and learning, yet feel stuck along the way. If this is true for you, and you recognize yourself in some of the statements below, we invite you to contact us.

  • I want more meaning, joy and fulfillment in my work life.
  • I’m in a career transition and want to clarify my direction and choices
  • I’m an entrepreneur and want guidance starting or expanding my business.
  • I’m an artist and/or writer wanting to plumb my talent and stay on track with projects.
  • I’m a coach wanting to expand my repertoire and deepen my coaching work to better serve my clients.

Clients say that our coaching enabled them to:

  • Reconnect with unique gifts, talents and passions
  • Feel excitement and energy about work life
  • Develop a step-by-step action plan and act on it
  • Follow through with work commitments
  • Make effective decisions
  • Have more joy, balance and meaning by aligning personal and career choices with values and passions
  • Realize dreams


Together we assess your needs and develop a plan that meets your long and short-term goals. We meet in person or via phone or video, on a regular basis.

We invite you to contact us. Let’s talk about how we can help you realize your goals and decide if working together suits your needs. Contact us at 413-665-4880 or email us.

What Clients Say

“Dale's coaching gets results. For example, she helped me clarify my business purpose and vision that in turn, inspired my design of a logo that perfectly reflects my business. Because of her expert support I'm better at negotiating sensitive and lucrative contracts.” – Theresa Leary, International Education Professional


"Dale was my coaching companion during a successful job search. It was my first experience with a coach. Dale was with me through all the highs and lows with encouragement, support, and ideas. For me a job search is like being on a roller coaster. She reminded me that during a job search we become clearer about what we're looking for. And I did. I realized that I wasn't just looking to use my skills and experience. What was important was for me to work in a particular kind of environment as well – that was perhaps even more important than the job itself.” – K.K., Affordable Housing Program Coordinator