Psychotherapy & Art Therapy

We offer psychotherapy and art therapy sessions for young adults and adults.

We provide therapy for people wanting to move forward in their life, by addressing emotions and issues that get in their way. Clients say that we offer a supportive, nurturing environment that helps them reconnect with their best selves, grow and thrive. Sessions are interactive and based on your specific needs.

Psychotherapy for Individuals:

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, low self-esteem or feeling emotionally overwhelmed, we can help you feel better and get back on track with your life.

Our approach enables you to reconnect with your innate wisdom, strength and resilience. You’ll learn practical skills to deal with emotional distress and to make fundamental changes that are sustainable over time. As skilled and seasoned practitioners we guide you beyond short-term superficial fixes to achieve lasting results.

Art Therapy:

We facilitate your growth and transformation through innovative approaches.
Talking is important for insight and learning, but words aren’t always sufficient for growth and development. Because many people are so skilled at talking it sometimes gets in the way of the healing process. Images can help you address feelings that words alone can't express. We help you get to the heart of the matter and achieve your goals. You’ll access your creativity by using innovative approaches such as through reflective writing, visual expression, guided imagery, body/mind awareness and your intuitive wisdom.

Previous art experience isn’t needed. If you can doodle, you’ve got the ability to benefit from art therapy.

Whether you engage in psychotherapy or art therapy our approach helps you:

  • enhance relationships with family, friends, and at work
  • clarify next steps
  • reduce stress
  • overcome habitual ineffective patterns
  • rejuvenate creativity
  • address depression/anxiety
  • heal shame
  • recover from abuse and trauma
  • increase self-esteem

People who work with us report these results:

  • Ability to make choices that are congruent with life purpose
  • Resilience in responding to challenging circumstances
  • Positive changes in habitual patterns
  • Deeper connection to authentic self
  • Increased joy, energy and motivation
  • More meaning in life
  • Greater self-compassion and acceptance


Together we assess your needs and develop a plan that meets your long and short-term goals. We meet in person or via phone or video, on a regular basis, usually for 50 minutes.

We invite you to contact us. Let’s talk about how we can help you realize your goals and decide if working together suits your needs. Contact us at 413-665-4880 or email us.

”Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” — John Maxwell