Guillermo Cuéllar


Guillermo Cuéllar
1945 -2018

We celebrate the life and mourn the loss of our gifted co-founder, Guillermo Cuellar, who died on October 20th, 2018. Guillermo was my partner and co-founder at the Center for Creative Consciousness and my beloved husband of almost 40 years.

Guillermo’s abiding presence and love made a deep difference in the lives of many. He was a person of enormous curiosity, creativity, intellect, diverse talents and intense passion. Guillermo modeled for us the impact of a conscious and creative being, living a life of intention. An accomplished artist, consultant, therapist, educator and yoga teacher, he used his talents to their fullest and in loving service to others. And he taught us much about appreciating beauty and the miracle of our lives. Shortly before his death he wrote,

 “We open the door of the unknown together
  We invite each other to experience the miracle of being
  in such a moment we give up certainty and
  embrace the beauty that surrounds every moment.
  That mystery, we do not question, but admire forever.”

To learn more about his life and work, go to Guillermo's obit

At Center for Creative Consciousness, I will continue to honor Guillermo’s legacy of personal and creative development and continue to build upon the powerful framework we developed, going forward with lasting love and creativity.

--Dale Schwarz

Here is some background information about Guillermo Cuellar that informs how we work.

Guillermo Cuéllar, Ed.D., the co-founding President of the Center for Creative Consciousness, was an international organizational development consultant, coach, psychotherapist, and artist. He brought a unique multicultural and multidisciplinary perspective to his work. For over 40 years, he helped individuals and organizations address dilemmas and overcome challenges, by guiding them to discover, develop, and utilize their gifts and talents.

As a coach and psychotherapist, Guillermo facilitated professional and personal development for individuals and effective communication practices for couples and families. He provided professional services in both English and Spanish.

He developed the Life Learning Model™, a framework that helps people understand and change their fear-based survival patterns and embrace creative, proactive, results-oriented patterns.

Guillermo taught cross-cultural management at the School of International Training, in Brattleboro VT, at NTL in Bethel ME, and at Bay Path College in MA. He provided diversity training and consulting to Fortune 100 companies through Elsie Y. Cross and Associates Inc. and Alignment Strategies Inc.

In addition, he consulted to private and public organizations, government agencies, boards, and foundations, helping them address a range of issues including: long-term cultural change, multicultural development, creativity and innovation, managing diversity, and facilitating conversions to worker-owned organizations.

Guillermo authored articles, book chapters, and presented at conferences in the U.S. and internationally. In 1981, he and Dale Schwarz co-founded the New England Art Therapy Institute, now a division of the Center for Creative Consciousness.

Guillermo earned his BFA and a MA in counseling at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. He then earned an Ed. D., in organizational development, at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.

Guillermo was a life-long photographer, sculptor, and visual artist. He practiced yoga and meditation throughout his adult life, and taught yoga from 1971 to 1990.

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"Guillermo Cuellar has been my coach for many years. I wouldn’t have achieved this level of professional and personal success in my life without his coaching. When I talk about success I am referring to all aspects of life: personal, professional and spiritual. Guillermo has guided me from being thoroughly dissatisfied and unhappy to leading a life where I feel blessed and fortunate in every aspect. I now feel deeply accepting of who I am. I’m deeply grateful for Guillermo's presence in my life. He has helped me to manifest my life’s dreams. Muchas gracias from the bottom of my heart!” – Laura Mazza Gonick, Counselor and Coach