Leadership Coaching

“If you are completely open to change and ready to be fully engaged in the process of identifying and clarifying your goals; unlocking your purpose; overcoming particularly difficult obstacles; and, undertaking the hard work of achieving your goals, I suggest you consider Dale as your Executive Coach. She uses her considerable facilitative coaching skills and toolkit; her background as an art therapist; and her warmth, compassion and humility to assist you along YOUR path. In my experience in working with her, Dale seemingly always has just the right word or imagery to help unlock the most difficult obstacles. The results that I have been able to generate in working with Dale are outstanding and I urge you to consider contacting her to see if her background and skills are right for the work before you. I knew coaching would be important, but I didn't realize the huge positive impact it would have on both my personal and work life.”
– Tony Reardon, Director of National Tax Employees Union, Washington, DC

"At a time of crucial transition, Guillermo helped create a productive environment in our organization. He supported creative and compassionate thinking, especially around uncomfortable issues. The result was greater transparency and trust, and now, four years later: we’ve doubled our productivity and we totally rock!"
– P.K. Foundation Manager, Solidago

“My leadership coaching work with Dale has resulted in an increase in my ability to be transparent, manage complex situations and remain focused on the important issues. Her style is developmental and has resulted in rapid growth in problem solving and decision-making. I highly recommend Dale Schwarz.”
– Carol Lauder, CPF, Program Manager, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

"With the help of Guillermo’s leadership coaching we transformed the organization in many positive ways. The organizational culture has changing and we are more productive. Now I connect with each person and address each problem situation to completion. The feedback is that people are valuing and appreciating my input. As a consequence of all this, I feel less need to micromanage, and the organization is very successful.”
– Davis Rosenmiller, Foundation Director, Solidago

Professional Development Coaching

“Dale's coaching gets results. For example, she helped me clarify my business purpose and vision that in turn, inspired my design of a logo that perfectly reflects my business. Because of her expert support I'm better at negotiating sensitive and lucrative contracts.”
– Theresa Leary, International Education Professional

"Guillermo Cuellar has been my coach for many years. I wouldn’t have achieved this level of professional and personal success in my life without his coaching. When I talk about success I am referring to all aspects of life: personal, professional and spiritual. Guillermo has guided me from being thoroughly dissatisfied and unhappy to leading a life where I feel blessed and fortunate in every aspect. I’m deeply grateful for Guillermo's presence in my life. He has helped me to manifest my life’s dreams. Muchas gracias from the bottom of my heart!”
– Laura Mazza Gonick, Counselor and Coach

“Working with Dale has been transformative for both my career and personal life. We started working together more than five years ago, when I was struggling with a writing block that was putting my productivity at risk. At the time I felt inadequate and unhappy in my academic career, a pattern that many years of therapy had not helped. Dale’s coaching offered concrete strategies that helped me to break down and organize the writing process and overcome internal obstacles. With her support I was able to complete and successfully publish my writing project, and I continue to use the strategies she offered in my research and writing to this day. I continue working with Dale on transforming my approach to an often, stressful work environment. She has helped me work through academic leadership issues; career choices; and organizational political challenges. I now feel empowered and deeply satisfied in my career. The day-to-day challenges have not disappeared, but I have become more resilient, optimistic, and creativity in my approach to them. And because I am more empowered in my professional life, I am also much happier and balanced in my home life. Dale brings tremendous warmth, humor, insight, and creativity to her coaching, and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me transform my life.”
– Juliet Musso,
 Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management, USC

"Dale was my coaching companion during a successful job search. It was my first experience with a coach. Dale was with me through all the highs and lows with encouragement, support, and ideas. For me a job search is like being on a roller coaster. She reminded me that during a job search we become clearer about what we're looking for. And I did. I realized that I wasn't just looking to use my skills and experience. What was important was for me to work in a particular kind of environment as well – that was perhaps even more important than the job itself."
– K.K., Affordable Housing Program Coordinator

“Dale and Guillermo are top-notch change-agents, excellent role models and very grounded “shamans of the soul”. I have replicated their gifted group facilitation model for my own work with great success. ("What would Dale and Guillermo do?") I consider myself extremely blessed that I was led me to work with Dale and Guillermo at a transformative crossroads in my life. Their professional presence and clinical know-how are inspiring, non-threatening, and profound. Excellent mentors, the work (and play!) that I did with them at their wonderful studio continues to inspire and enliven my own psychotherapy practice and creative endeavors. Their particular gifts are that they combine classic clinical expertise and professionalism with creative transformative tools not typically found in the field.”
– Mary Mathews, Psychotherapist and Workshop Leader

"Working with Dale had a kind of value I had not discovered before. Dale's creative approach allowed me to get in touch with aspects of my gifts and talents that were untapped. I so appreciate Dale's gentle yet powerful presence and guidance."
– J.H., Management Consultant and Coach

Coaching for Life Transitions

“Working with Dale has been a pleasure. Dale listens extremely well and asks thoughtful, penetrating questions. She has helped me identify and strip away those life long assumptions that have led to dysfunctional behavior. Her compassion and understanding gives me confidence to explore situations from a different perspective. I have benefited tremendously from working with Dale, and I highly recommend her as a coach.”
– Bob Tobias, Retired Director, Key Executive Leadership Programs at American University

“You have a wonderful gift Dale, when it comes to facilitating people's growth. I certainly know that well first hand. I am grateful for many things in my life, including encountering you on my life's journey. There is no doubt in my mind that my life is richer and I am a happier and more fulfilled person in part because of the transitional coaching I did with you.”
– Yvonne Mullen, retired School Psychologist

"I learned that there is such a thing as a compassionate witness, both in myself and available in others. I am applying this to my work as a therapist and it changes the way I work."
– Suzy Clark, Therapist

"I look forward to every coaching conversation I have with Dale. She is warm, intuitive, and fun. Her gentle prodding pushes me forward when I feel stuck. Her bursts of inspiration excite me to reach further than I thought possible. Her belief in my potential gives me the strength and courage to seek an alternative path for my life. Through my coaching work with Dale, new doors are opening in my life."
– S.M., Employee Development Coordinator

“Dale is an excellent sounding board and supportive coach. She gave me a gentle push when I needed it, inspired me to create when I was stuck and gave me solid suggestions for next steps. She helped me cope when I was struggling at a job that was not right for me, encouraged me through a year of unemployment and part-time jobs during unusually tough economic times, recognized my creative accomplishments and celebrated with me when I got a new job. I look forward to my meetings with Dale because I know she will help me keep everything in perspective, and especially because she laughs at my jokes.”
– Eva Davies, Art Instructor at Collaborative for Educational Services

Women’s Art and Writing Creativity Retreat: Women Creating, Day into Night

“I have been attending Dale’s art retreats for many years, traveling from California to the tranquility of her New England studio for the Women Day into Night retreat. I rely on the retreats to replenish creative juices that get depleted by the many demands I experience as a busy college professor and mother of two teenagers. Dale provides a tranquil and supportive setting for immersing oneself in creativity of all kinds: painting; writing; dreaming; or in my case, collage and assemblage. She connects the artistic process with our internal creative and spiritual journeys, and creates a safe haven for exploration and play. And she brings together warm and supportive women who participate joyfully and authentically in creating and sharing art. The time spent in creative reflection helps me work through current challenges and I return replenished, recharged, and eagerly anticipating the next retreat!”
– Juliet Musso, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management

“Dale offers just the right proportion of attention and freedom – personal attention, in the form of conversation and reflection and guidance when you ask for it, and freedom and the solitude to reflect and create alone. It’s a wonderful balance enriched by the good supportive company of others, music, snacks, and a door to the outside when you need a breath of nature!”
– Randi Stein, Dance therapist

“Dale creates an atmosphere of safety and inspiration where your creative spirit can flourish. Her kind, patient, and cheerful personality and her beautiful sun-filled studio make her weekend retreats a must for anyone seeking sustenance for their creative process.”
– Roxanne Bogart, Writer/Conservation Biologist

"The Women's Creativity Retreat was a major catalyst for growth and change. It triggered significant transitions in my life. The art is a direct route to my soul."
– Psychologist/ Educator

"I would like to come to the retreat 3 or 4 times a year because it takes me out of my normal routine and gives me space to create. Dale is very compassionate and conscious about each woman's needs."
– Financial Advisor

"Dale is skillful, wise, creative and competent. At her retreat, it was easy to trust myself, the group, the leadership and the creative process."
– Consultant

Art Therapy Supervision

“I highly recommend Dale Schwarz for art therapy supervision. I had the great good fortune to avail myself of Dale’s wisdom and experience as I began my professional practice of counseling using the tools of creativity and expressive therapies. Working in a rural area of Maine as an LCPC with a wide range of clients, Dale’s many years of practice and keen ear helped me sort out far ranging issues. Dale had a way of hearing what was puzzling me, asking what my thoughts and approach had been, and then asking the right questions to guide my own thinking. She also was quick to catch areas that could trip up a client in my own language, redirect when I was wandering off course, and affirm my practice and efforts.

We usually worked through phone consults on a regular basis, with in person sessions two to three times a year when I would travel for workshops she offered. I was able to grow as a clinician, and establish a modality that fit my own creative thinking. I would highly recommend her orderly and thoughtful approach to the creative process and how it benefits both the professional and personal lives of those of us who have worked with her.”
– Penny Hood LCPC, The Studio Counseling Services

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