Leadership Coaching

As a leader, success relies on your ability to get results and effectively deal with challenging situations and people.

We help you develop more effective leadership skills and behaviors. Together we clarify your goals and aspirations, and identify and assess the leadership issues and obstacles you’re facing.


We believe that how you think leads to the choices you make and actions you take. Therefore, we help you reflect on your current decision-making patterns and their underlying beliefs, and their impact on your leadership / team / organizations performance. Bringing conscious attention to the intended and unintended consequences of your choices and actions enables you to create the results you want.

Generally, emotionally triggering situations and decisions are the most challenging for leaders. You may revert to ineffective habitual behavior that doesn’t achieve the results you want. We help you identify any limiting assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors that get in your way; and develop behaviors that enable you to interact and lead skillfully, even in difficult situations.

With over forty years in the field, we’re highly experienced in coaching leaders. We offer you fresh objective, perspective, and nonjudgmental feedback. Our practical and proven approach enables you to resolve the core issues so you can sustain long-term change.

Who we coach:

We coach leaders at all organizational levels who are committed to learning and change, yet feel stuck along the way. If this is true for you, and you recognize yourself in some of these statements, we invite you to contact us.

  • I’m an executive, manager, or leader in a public or private organization wanting to broaden my leadership abilities.
  • I have difficulty dealing with emotionally loaded situations when the stakes are high.
  • My organization/team has unresolved conflicts that limit our progress.
  • My decisions can have unintended negative consequences.
  • I’m transitioning to a new leadership role and want help making this move effectively.
  • I lead a family business with difficult family dynamics.
  • I not sure how to deal with succession planning.

Clients say from our coaching they achieved:

  • Sound leadership practices and improved management habits.
  • Greater effectiveness in resolving problems, reaching decisions and acting on them.
  • A collaborative successful workplace.
  • Excitement about going to work each day.
  • More conscious decision making process that gets results.
  • Competence in addressing emotionally loaded situation.


Together we assess your needs and develop a plan that meets your long and short-term goals. We meet in person or via phone or video, on a regular basis.

We invite you to contact us. Let’s talk about how we can help you realize your goals and decide if working together suits your needs. Contact us at 413-665-4880 or email us.

What Clients Say

“If you are completely open to change and ready to be fully engaged in the process of identifying and clarifying your goals; unlocking your purpose; overcoming particularly difficult obstacles; and, undertaking the hard work of achieving your goals, I suggest you consider Dale as your Executive Coach. She uses her considerable facilitative coaching skills and toolkit; her background as an art therapist; and her warmth, compassion and humility to assist you along YOUR path. In my experience in working with her, Dale seemingly always has just the right word or imagery to help unlock the most difficult obstacles. The results that I have been able to generate in working with Dale are outstanding and I urge you to consider contacting her to see if her background and skills are right for the work before you. I knew coaching would be important, but I didn't realize the huge positive impact it would have on both my personal and work life.“ – Tony Reardon, President, National Tax Employee Union, Washington, DC

"With the help of Guillermo’s leadership coaching we transformed the organization in many positive ways. The organizational culture has changing and we are more productive. Now I connect with each person and address each problem situation to completion. The feedback is that people are valuing and appreciating my input. As a consequence of all this, I feel less need to micromanage, and the organization is very successful.” – Davis Rosenmiller, Foundation Director, Solidago

“My leadership coaching work with Dale has resulted in an increase in my ability to be transparent, manage complex situations and remain focused on the important issues. Her style is developmental and has resulted in rapid growth in problem solving and decision-making. I highly recommend Dale Schwarz.” – Carol Lauder, CPF, former Program Manager, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts